Monday, May 28, 2012

Strack Family Softball Benefit

Our friends, Scotty and Aimee, lost their little boy, Chancellor Thad, in a car accident a month and a half ago. I can't tell you how my heart has ached for them but the encouragement I get from the strength they portray. The community teamed up and got a co-Ed softball tournament together, along with a hamburger lunch and silent auction! We had the privilege of going to support this family last Saturday. ;)

Memorial Day Party #4

Our rocking friends/neighbors threw another great party!!! Fajitas and friends and swimming...can't get much better!!! Thanks to Shane and Jill!!!!....and Scott for grilling all that meat! ;)

Remembering the Red White and Blue

** Over the years I have manged to save special outfits of Trace's and Marci's...and usually mention when Paige is wearing one of Marci's hand-me-downs...but today Paige is wearing one of TRACE'S old items!!! I thought it was unisex enough to let her wear it ;)

The sacrifice that the soldiers have given for our country is overwhelming to me. They have to be away from their families and endure such unfortunate circumstances and sometimes even death....all for OUR FREEDOM!!! Thank you one and all!!!

Memorial Day Party #3

After Beau's party, we were off to another party at Don and Tracy Davidson's house...another pool party at that. At this point, I'm thinking that Marci is a fish!!

Memorial Day Party #2

You've heard me mention Paige's friend, Beau Haynes, before!! He's such a cutie!! Paige calls him "Beau Beau" ;) It was his 2nd bday...pirate theme....arrrgg matey!! I love the Haynes/Whitmore family...they are so much like my own that I always feel at home when with them ;)

I asked my niece, Alli, if she'd like to go along(with the catch of swimming with Paige!!) and she was such a huge help!!

Memorial Day party #1

Our Memorial Day weekend started out with a bang!! Marci was invited to Casey Graves' birthday tea party/ slumber party/swim fest!! I secretly think that Matt and Corey wanted to see how tired they could get them all in less than 24 hrs...Marci had a blast and fell asleep on the couch midday!! ;).

The festivities started out at "Little Britches" for the Tea Party. And from the play-by-play pictures, that I was so lucky to receive during the day, it looks as if: a late evening swim took place, along with roasting marshmallows, coloring, and a bigggg sleepover!! Matt even took them for an early morning swim the next a.m, before arriving home at 10:30!!!! What a blast!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Air Soft War

Remember Trace winning the $100 several months ago in Streamline Church group?? He has been begging to use that money on a new airsoft gun. He read the reviews and finally came up on a good deal. He was invited to participate in a huge airsoft war with several guys!! I dropped him off, signed a waiver, and let him go this morning. I hope he wears his safety goggles!! ;)

Do you think Marci will mind?

Organization? What's that?

Trace is 14 years old...he is funny and handsome and polite...but organized is NOT his forte...never has been and, bless his poor wife's heart, never will be(if I had my guess) ;)

Jamie works nights but on Friday mornings, he sleepily comes home and keeps Paige until I can get home at noon. Well, since Trace and Marci were out of school, they got baby duty!! EXCEPT Marci was invited to go somewhere mid morning and left Trace with baby duty all by himself. He had everything under control when I got home. Paige was eating a "lunch" of animal crackers and the play room looked "played in". Lol

This morning I asked Trace and his friend, who slept over last night, to make sure his room was clean and the bed was made up. His friend backed him up when he said " yes...everything is done"....take a look! Oh his poor wife...I hope she is accepting of his other goooood qualities. ;)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hunter's Graduation

Our nephew's High School graduation!!!


****I've got tons more pictures....but for some reason, blogger says I've run out of storage room for the night.... I guess I've overloaded it! LOL

Recognized for Scholarships!

Marci took a front row seat....and paige followed ;)

This picture absolutely gives  me chills!! The embrace of a father and son...nothing like it!

Hunter presented a rose to "Grandmom" Virginia too!  Sweet!!

This chair was reserved for the late Mrs. Debra McMasters; she passed away in the Albert Pike Flood.  She had a great impact on these students lives and was a great friend of my mother-in-law.  During the ceremony, all of the graduates had an opportunity to present roses to those who  have made an impact in their lives.  You see how many roses are on this chair.  I'm sure she was smiling down through a hole in the floors of heaven!

He even opened up the diploma holder....JUST to make sure :)

Hunter's Graduation Party

Our nephew, Hunter Clayton, GRADUATED....from HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!! I really cannot believe how fast the time has gone by!  I have watched this child grow from a toddler to a no time flat!  I'm so proud of him and the young man he has become.  He's so polite and very smart...not to mention CUTE :)  I SO love him!  We threw him a graduation party on Saturday...and then attended his graduation last night!  It was such a sweet graduation...very touching!