Sunday, August 26, 2012

Duck Dynasty

For Father's Day, I got Jamie 2 tickets to the "Ducks, Bucks &BBQ" featuring Phil Robertson off of Duck Dynasty(reality tv show-for those who may not know). Well...last night was the night... Nashville, Arkansas was the place, Phil and Ms Kay were the hit of the evening! It was a boys/men event only...but Marci lucked out, they brought her back a shirt signed by Ms Kay :). Trace got Phil's autograph on a duck call!! They had fun!!

Meet the Teacher

Marci is starting 3rd grade at PG Intermediate School. Mrs Lang will be her teacher this year!

Trace is starting 9th grade at PG HIGH SCHOOL!!!! We went around and met his teachers too! We ran into his girlfriend, Megan, while we were there :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Pigtails and Mischief

Marci had worked on Paige's hair this morning, while I was at work...with the CHI straightener...she said "She does fine, as long as you give her a cookie" LOL...So...when I got home, Paige's hair looked...errrr...quite different! haha  So...we put up the pigtails.

 She had gotten up on the bay window, found a bag of cheerios in her bag and was having a little snack.  Can't help but love that little smile!  I  have to add...tonight was the FIRST night that she actually laid down in the big bed to go to sleep.  She's still there(it's 10 pm currently)...and I'm a nervous's just out of routine for me...I'll be worried all night! LOL

Marci's SPA party!

As you all know, we love parties!  I love to party plan...and I think I've slightly rubbed off of Marci.  She and I started planning her 8th birthday party a few months back, by surfing the web and making notes on the things that we just "had to have" ;)  She decided on a spa party/sleepover...and I decided on the hotel route...and I'm so glad we did!

Let me give a shout out to "Country Inn and Suites"...they provided us with 2 big, nice connecting rooms...Otis Spunkmeyer cookies...pool, hot tub, patio, the best complimentary breakfast, and towels galore at the pool and at the room for each girl!


The Invitation came from JCBabyCakes on Etsy.  She was very quick and efficient!  She sent me the link and we, then, had them printed at Staples.

We made these cute bath fizzies from one of the many bath fizzy recipes you can find online!  They worked great and the girls loved them!

Marci saw personalized water bottles on a website and requested we do them!  Super Easy with craft materials(cardstock, stamps, punches, and glue dots)
My mom,  Judy Jones, needs a round of applause for the many personalized spa wraps that she made for each party guest!  She out did herself, as usual :)  My mother-in-law, Virginia Clayton,  used her Cricut to make the letter templates for us! I think the letters just added such a special touch!!

Each party guest had her own personalized spa basket waiting for her at the "spa".

We found these baskets at the Dollar Tree, we added a tag with each girl's initial on them.
The baskets included:  spa towel wrap, shower gel, hand sanitizer, lotion, facial packet(found at Walgreens), bottled water, head wrap, toe separator, bath fizzy, popcorn, apple and cucumber slices for the eyes.

The cupcakes!  Marci saw this idea online and loved it!  We decided to personalize each cupcake to match each party guest's description!  Our good friend, Amy Lauterbach, nailed it to perfection, as always!!

I have such great family and friends that helped me...I just had to treat them to a little something... :)
I'd like to again send a big thank you to: My mom, Judy Forand, Jill and Baylie O'Keefe, Rhonda Asfour, and Julia Beckwith!  We also treated the owner of the hotel, Nila Patel, with a treat for being so accomodating to our large group of gals ;)

Marci and I went ahead of time and set up our Mani/Pedi/Facial areas!

McKenna in her spa attire welcomed the guests as they arrived to the spa.

Spa Services listed :)

.....and the party guests start arriving!  
They were met at the front entrance, where their luggage is placed on the luggage cart....
and then they head to the pool for....


Who doesn't love a bubbly hot tub?!

Cousin Julia and Marci

We let the babies and the boys in for THIS PART of the party ONLY :)
Cousin Cole and Sister Paige celebrate Marci's party!

Pizza Time!

Wonder what this conversation was about? :)

I think everyone would admit that the cutest spa wrap was wrapped around this sweet little Paige!


Make a wish!

...and it looks JUST like Maddie!

Rhonda and Paige

Trace's girlfriend, Megan Stanfill, and her mom, Irene, stopped by for a visit!


 Heading to the Spa... an elevator!!!
I asked Carlie Clem, one of our church youth group members, to take pictures during our spa time!  She is in the Texas High photography department, and is very skilled behind the camera!  Most of the spa pictures were taken by her!  Let me know if you'd like her number for  any of your events! She had over 100 pictures...I had a hard time picking and choosing which ones to put on here.  

I love their expressions!  We were treating them like they were in a REAL salon...they were cracking up!
Jill paints Blair's nails during her manicure!
Judy and Allie Forand

Casey Graves

Paintin' little piggies

Rhonda took her  job really serious...she gives a mean  pedicure! :)  Hallie was into her Teen Magazine!!

Julia was a big help...painting toenails
Faith Olivia Jones

Nonnie Judy...she was the spa's public relation rep :)
Baylie...years of experience of painting nails :)



Marci loves her new pink blow drier so much, that she insisted on taking a shower the next morning!

...oops this is outta order...they danced and watched a movie...and ssshhhh even jumped on the beds...just a little though ;)  They were all asleep by 12:30.  I couldn't have asked for a better group of girls!!!  She only wished she could've invited more friends...but 10 was the she really had to narrow her list down, which wasn't easy for her.  She's got so many friends from school, church,  cousins, and neighbors.  So blessed to have such an overflow of friends!


 What a continental breakfast!! I'm talking they had it all...cereal, sausage, biscuits/gravy, omelets, bagels, waffles, fruits, toast, muffins, oatmeal, yogurt...the girls had a great start to their day!