Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Feeding baby

Paige has recently found real baby dolls of interest(vs the plush ones). It's amazing that little girls catch on so quickly to what is maternal. We found this baby in Marci's closet...(Marci was never a baby doll lover...so we didn't have a whole lot leftover from her to pass down to Paige.)...and Paige loves her! She ssshhh's the baby and covers her up..and feeds her, complete with smacking sounds. It's sooo cute.

Monday, September 17, 2012

22 months

In two short months, I'll have a TWO year old!! Wow. To think how much joy she brings to our home! She LOVES Dora the Explorer...she has pajamas and can spot her in a crowd. It's comical!!!

She says thank you, followed by your name. "thank you momma". "thank you daddy" etc. melts my heart!!

She played dress up withe Marci the other day...high heels and pretty dress. Cute sweet girls!!

Woo pig "shooie"

Ok ok ok...so the razorbacks haven't done so hot this season so far....but we're still fans...and will wear our Hog attire at any give opportunity. ;)

9th grader and 3rd grader

Holy Moses...they're growing up on me!!!!
Since my mobile blogger has been down, I'll catch you up on a montage of pictures from the school year so far.

Each year I take a picture of them walking into school. (unknowingly to them...hehehe)

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I got off work just early enough to get to see Trace in action on the tennis court...and of course had to snap a couple of pics(not good ones bc they are with my phone). He's really enjoying tennis this year....he works up a sweat for sure!! ;)