Saturday, June 30, 2012

18 mo check up

Paige had her 18 month check up yesterday . We were a little late because of sickness and all, so it was more like an "19 1/2 month checkup".
Stats: "short and petite"
Weight: 24 lbs @ 36%
Height: 31" @ 17%
Head: 18 3/4" @ 73%

She has been slower to speak than the other two kids, as previously mentioned, bc she has let the older ones do all the talking for her UNTIL this week!! She says just about anything she wants to say: "Kipp-uh" for lala's dog Kipper and "Juice" and "tank to" for thank you, "banky" and "baby"(her favorite sleep items)"outside" "noAH" for no... "missy" for marci( this is brand new!) and many more. She points to all her body parts and points to things in books when asked while reading! She will retrieve things when prompted She's cutting those canines and that hurts :(. But Overall she's a happy girl!!

We picked up a scalp massager today and she loves it...she was doing this all by herself ;)


Marci and I went to see Brave on Thursday afternoon...I had half the day off, so this was a treat!! Trace and a friend went to another movie at the same time and then we all enjoyed ice cream before picking up Paige and going to the last night of VBS. ;)

Marci's new room decor ideas

Marci will be turning 8 soon and she desperately desires to have a more mature we set out and went to get some ideas...she loves the bright colors and the "love...peace.." design. So our wheels are turning ;)

In the life on a dental hygienist

Being a dental hygienist, my picture is taken a' first dental visits being the most popular. I often wonder how many times my picture is on Facebook.

Well...a patient the other day used her phone camera to take pictures of herself getting her teeth cleaned and posted them to facebook during her appointment. She was so cute!

VBS with the Go Fish Guys

I was privileged to get to lead a group again this year at VBS at Heritage!! I love the depths of soul bc
A. I get to act like a kid again myself! Sing and dance and jump around...what's better than that?! ;)
B. I get to meet new kids AND make new friends with the adult helpers(these friendships always last a lifetime! It's like camp...meeting new friends!!! Woohoo!)
C. Learn about God!! No matter how long you've gone to church, God will always allow you to learn something and I think that is so cool!!
D. Good food!!! Our small groups cater each night for the helpers and family which means: no cooking or cleaning up the kitchen!!! Boo yaw! ;)
E. I got to see THREE kids from our group ACCEPT CHRIST AS THEIR SAVIOR...and see other seeds planted!!
Lexi Carr, gave her life to Christ and you'll see the pic below of she and Ms Victoria who had the pleasure of leading her to Christ. They were both smiling ear to ear...and Lexi wanted to shout it from the rooftops!!
THAT, my friends, is what it is allll about!! My extreme exhaustion from the week is simply ok because of this fact!!! Woooohooo AWESOME SAUCE!!!!
F. Offering contest between the boys and girls...raised $5000 for Laces Of Grace!! And dalton and bro Tim got slimed at the end!!!!

Pretty in Pink

Getting ready for church last week, I noticed that all my kids accidentally chose clothes that coordinated with each other...And all mommas know what that means: PICTURES!!! I took better ones with my real camera..but here are a few with my phone(since t's so easy to blog straight from my phone).
NOTE: My mom made Paige's's my favorite one yet!! mom bought Marci these super stylish shoes!! "Flip flop boot moccasins"is what I call them and I have to add that I'm "shocked" they were on clearance!! Hahaha

Friday, June 22, 2012

Barbie Time

This is what I live for...being a mom! Playing Barbie with my sweet girls is such a perk to my day!! Marci is SUCH A BIG HELPER with Paige...

And ended with sweet snuggle time!!

Look who's Driving!

Trace took me on his first drive around the town...back roads only, of course. He did fairly well...
Must. Work. On. More. Smooth. Turns. ;)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Surprised with an iPhone!!

Allow me to set the scene...Trace will be 15 in November...He has begged for an iPhone for YEARS.  He got a little freebie phone 3 years ago and it's falling apart...and with the upcoming data pkg change at Verizon, Jamie and I decided that we needed to go ahead and lock in the plan at the current rates.  So...we decided to do an early birthday present and get him an iPhone 4s.  He wasn't expecting anything, of course, without it being a special occasion.  

Ya'll know me...I love the element of surprise!!!!!!!!!  I picked up a box of cologne and nonchalantly handed it to him.  My mom was "nonchalantly" videoing the a lot of "small talk" is going on in the background. :)  He opens up the cologne...but inside the wasn't and see his hilarious reaction!! :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

We went to church and made our family rounds today in celebration of fathers day. Then we strolled back home for a little fun in the sun… And sand for paige ;-). And Water balloons...a lot of work for a second of fun!! Oh...and Paige's 1st attempt at sidewalk chalk!!!

Chandler's 1st birthday

Chandler's mommy, Kemily Estes, was Marci's 1st grade teacher. We love us some Mrs Estes!! Her little boy, chandler, turned the Big ONE!!! And oh my goodness gracious he is just about as cute as they come!! I love his chubby cheeks and the dimples in his hands!!! We just may have to have a prearranged marriage between him and Paige!!! Hehehe. The theme was sock monkey and they did such a cute job with the details of the table!...I regret I didn't get pictures of it...ugh!!
Paige and chandler had their very 1st caprisun and they both enjoyed it a LOT!! They both loved splashing in the water tub!!!