Thursday, December 29, 2011

An Oldie...but Goody... "What? Mom's pregnant?"

This is the video taken when we told the kids we were pregnant with Paige(2 years ago)!  I's a bit delayed in posting...but I just got a new phone and downloaded all my data from my old phone onto my computer...ran across this video and thought "it's too good to not share"!!! (Be sure and catch Trace's LAST sentence on the you think he'll forgive me for posting it? LOL)

Let me set the stage for ya:  Pregnancy #3 was a bit of a surprise for all of us!!! (and what a blessing Paige has been!)  Trace was in 6th grade and Marci was in Kindergarten at the time. We hadn't told them yet, b/c we didn't want for them to "let the cat outta the bag" before we had a chance to tell our families. So, one Friday, Jamie and I set out to find a cute way to tell the kids that we were expecting.  We picked up a "Big Sister" shirt and b/c I didn't want Trace to feel left out, the only thing I could find for him was a LIGHT UP PIN that said "Big Brother" on it(Yeah, I know...cheesy...and obviously that was his exact thought also).  So, we picked them up from school and stopped at a gas station to fill up the tank before getting on Interstate to head to Hope, to tell our, in the back of the the gas station parking where the news was "broken" to the kids!  Watch and enjoy the clueless-ness of our children...and their reaction!  It IS PRICELESS!!! :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus!! 2011

I got a sneak peek of what Santa brought, when I got up early with Paige…so I snapped a picture before the festivities began!…and look even something for Emma…just like Marci asked!
Trace got a XBOX 360, Kinect, etc; Paige got the Learning Home; and well…Marci’s spot was full of dog things…she thought it was for Scooby…but never second guessed where her Santa gifts were…she was so excited for Scooby…sweet girl!  When all of a sudden she found a letter from Santa(see below) that told of a “puppy”…Marci gasped and started running around trying to discover where Santa might’ve hidden the puppy!  And she found him…all snug in the laundry room…waiting for hugs! Boy was she excited!  She’s wanted a dog for so long!
I don’t have many pictures of Trace…b/c he was embarrassed of his bed head…lol…and ran from the camera every time!
Santa had named the puppy “Zap” but Marci insisted on changing it to “Zack”…and insisted that it be spelled JUST like that!
Marci reading over Santa’s note and adoption agreement…
We went to the Christmas service at Heritage…it was a rush to get there but we did it!  Paige wore the outfit that Marci wore on her 2nd Christmas…
There are not enough words to express how sweet the adoration is between these two…so sweet!
Marci is very particular with her clothing…so Nonnie took Marci shopping one day…she tried on various outfits, this being one of them.  When she opened it, it was like a surprise all over again Smile  Oh…she’s growing up on me!
I love all the learning toys that Paige got…and love to see her interact with them… this picnic basket is neat!!
We got Nonnie a sewing machine!!!
…and Pops some “Rush Limbaugh”(sp?) tea!
Zack and Paige fight over this chair!
Trent and part of his gang got to come down and spend the night with us on Christmas!  The kids always have fun playing together!!
They were all dancing with marci’s Figit friend!
Pops reading to the girls!
christmas family pic 2011
We did manage to get a family picture @ church…thanks, Corey!

December 26, 2011
Kyleigh, Julia and Tyler were unable to make it to our festivities today…which made us sad…but we took pictures and sent it to them all day…to somewhat make them feel like as if they were here.
Nonnie had an object lesson for the kids to teach them to be grateful…she made them all figure out how to use their imaginations to make shoes out of string and an empty water bottle…then afterwards, everyone got a new pair of shoes…real shoes…comfy shoes! Winking smile
I included a picture of my cousin, Meredith. It feels like this is the last time we saw her…HAHAHA…She had to work today…it’s been way too long since we’ve seen Meredith AND Michael…but so glad that Michael got to join us today!!  He just graduated from Seminary…with his Masters Degree!  We got to hear some fun stories…maybe it won’t be another 3 yrs before we see him again!
Mamaw checking on the cobbler!          Michael and Paige!
Aunt Marla and the girls looking through photo albums!  Aunt Marla handmade each of the kids a customized pillowcase and embroidered their name on it too!! What a special treat!! They all absolutely LOVED them!  Julia already posted a picture of hers on facebook!! And Trace just bragged on his while on the way home! Marci can’t wait to take hers to a sleepover!!
Our Christmas card holder is overflowing…this is another favorite aspect of the season…opening my mailbox and receiving cards and pictures daily!  They mean SO much to me!! I regret that I haven’t been able to send them out the past couple of years Sad smile Time and expense got the best of me…and I eliminated them.  It makes me sad but at the same time, it’s less stress, which is a good thing.  Please know that we LOVE your cards and we wish you a MERRY MERRY CHRISTmas!! Smile