Friday, July 22, 2011


We have had a HOT summer so after day it has been over 100 degrees!  Today being 104.  I went out barefoot to water the plants and my feet almost burned...and it got me to thinking...what WOULD an egg do if we cracked it on the sidewalk?  So...we tried it!  We let our neighbors join our "fun" too...and each of them cracked an egg on the hot road.  I thought it would be just like a frying pan...but it wasn't!  We sat there, watching our eggs, for 5 mins...10 mins...15 mins...and then we gave up.  It didn't change!  Marci and Blair tried scrambling their eggs.  Trace and Baylie went for sunny side up.  Here are some pics of our awesome "egg...speriment" ;)

p.s.  even after an still looked egg-sactly the same...egg-cept the consistency was different...
ok...ok...ok...I'll stop with the EGG puns :)

8 Months already?!!!

I have been taking a picture like this each month of Paige's life...and already it is amazing to look back and see how she's just short 8 months!  I thought I'd share some of her accomplishments each month through blog...and what better time to start than now.

Weight:  17.5 lbs.  (I took Marci to the Dr today and had them weigh Paige just out of curiosity).

Sleep:  She FINALLY started sleeping through the night!!  She goes down around 8-9 pm and wakes up between 5-6 am...nurses and then falls back to sleep for another couple of hours.  This works great for her and it works great for my schedule b/c I usually leave the house around 7 am to take her to the sitters' house. She stays with Ms Laury T, W, Th...and then with daddy on M and F.  This summer Grandmom Virginia has been coming on M and F...and Nonnie Judy stops in for visits too...she is one spoiled little girl with all the love and attention she gets!

Eat:  She nurses morning, noon, afternoon and night. 
       Breakfast:  She loves rice cereal or oatmeal with fruit; yogurt
       Lunch:  Veggies
       Snack:  Veggie/fruit puffs, Yogurt Puffs, etc with Sippy of Water
       Supper:  Veggies and Fruit
She loves a great variety of foods...everything I make, she takes it in! So far this has been her menu:
Squash, peas, beans, green beans, kale, spinach leaves, sweet potatoes, eggplant, avocado, asparagus, carrots, potatoes, mangos, blueberries, bananas, pears, persimmons, apples, kiwi, peaches, plums, cherries, nectarines.  Everything has been really easy to prepare so far, except the's a pain pitting them :(  On a good note, Marci discovered that she likes them.  I have to say I've never bought them before, mainly because it's not something I grew up eating...and never thought to get them...Glad to introduce my kiddos to new tickles me when they enjoy it! :)

Playtime:  Marci passed down an old doll of hers to Paige recently.  This doll has a soft body but hard face and when you press her belly she makes babbling noises, etc.  Paige LOVES this doll...she makes babbling noises right back to it and smiles real's like they are having a conversation!

Likes:  She likes to look at books...we try to read a story each night before bed...Marci enjoys this as much as anyone.  She loves to play teacher, so this fits perfect!
She likes hanging on to momma...she's not real keen on anyone taking her AWAY from momma...those little hands grip to my shoulder like molasses!  It's awesome to be so loved :) but a little crazy when momma needs to be doing other things and a baby is attached to the hip.
She likes being outside!
She likes music and dancing!

Milestones:  She's been pulling up and crawling for a couple of months now...she just keeps getting faster.  Jamie mentioned baby gates the other day and I cringed...I hate baby gates!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Swim Fun!

My niece and nephew, Faith and Cole, came to visit us for a few days last week.  We took some time to go swimming.  Rhonda Asfour was kind enough to offer her pool for us to bombard! :)  Rhonda's great- nephew, Jaden, was also there for the fun!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kendal Dockery Photography

I L-O-V-E my it's Part of me...just like my leg. :) It's SO wonderful for me to be able to keep up with my friends and family...and neat to keep up with local business' sales, promos, new's like browsing stores from your seat...and THAT is my kind of shopping!  From time to time, different businesses will do a "contest"...and I participated in one offered by Kendal Dockery Photography.  Let me tell you what I knew about Kendal...this is before I met her...I could tell she was young(like right out of high school), I could tell she was creative(which is my middle name-I love creativity), and I could tell she was very talented in photography!  So...I set out to win this contest, which offered a free photo shoot/ package.  I came in 2nd place(1st being a sweet young lady with twin boys-she deserved it!) but Kendal was so gracious to give me 75% off a session!  So, we took her up on the offer...and scheduled pics for an ever- so- cool- July -day of 104 degrees!  HOT HOT HOT...but she did a wonderful job!!!  She was exactly what I thought she'd be!!  She brought me the disk yesterday...and I just had to share some shots with you guys!  I wasn't prepared to get in these pictures, due to bad  hair day, please overlook the pitiful ponytail! :)
Paige Naomi Clayton 8 mos

She can brighten my world without saying a word...that smile is worth a billion words in my book! :)

Strawberry Shortcake!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing these little arms reaching toward me! Glad she snapped this shot, so I can always have a glimpse of this stage in her life!

Marci Elizabeth..."almost 7 years old"

My adorable Marci-lou...with a feather in her hair!

Trace Klein  13 Years Old

He SO didn't want to have his pictures taken...but he's SUCH a good sport....

Love this picture of my boy...he is and will always be MY rock star!!

Watching the clouds go by...

I'm so glad that God chose me to be the mother of these kiddos!!

I LOVE being a mom!! :)

This picture makes me smile!! This fits their personalities perfectly!

Silly Girl!

She wants to walk SO bad...she's Nosey...and she wants to get into everything...I keep tellin' her, "NO, don't walk yet!"...for I know it's just one STEP closer to her not being a baby anymore...I'm savoring each and every moment!  Did I mention how much I LOVE being a mom?! :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Finger Foods

Paige loves fruit/veggie puffs...and I love to watch her little fingers pick up the small bites...and to see the determination in her face..Just look at the concentration!  The small things in life bring joy to my life and this is one of them!
Look at that little finger!

...and then she SHOVES it in!

...and then sometimes...just sometimes...we miss our mouth! :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

I like a little Red with my Blue and White!

Paige's 1st Fourth of July

Amy  Lauterbach and I are with Miller! 
Miller McNeil Woodruff is now an angel in heaven but his memory will live on forever!
He made such an impact in his short little life!  
Paige is with Miller too!! :)
SEE...I told you  Trace's hair was SHORT!! :)
 Marci is ready for the bike parade at Casey and Amy's neighborhood!
Marci, Drew and Bailey and Paige

Chris and Bobby Nell Ross
Caleb Lauterbach

The Graves' Family...Casey wasn't a happy camper :(
Angie Arledge Mauer...friend from high school...hadn't seen her in forever!!
Paige enjoyed the fireworks!!