Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bon Jovi

....and while I'm catching would be an injustice if I didn't share my recent trip to Little Rock with some friends to see BON JOVI in concert!!! This was something on my bucket list that I can now cross off!!! It was sooo much fun and we sang our hearts out!!!

Judy...Christin and myself
Craig and Judy 
Christin and Brannon

Glow stick Halloween Treats

Long time no see!! Wow!! Life has gotten in the way of blogging!!  For Paige's Halloween treats, I sought after something NON-candy related(they are only 2 years old...they don't need all those sweets!). Along with that I'm a dental when I saw this idea, it screamed "saving teeth one glow stick at a time" lol :) I found this idea on Pinterest which in turn took me to She had the free printable that I printed out...cut and backed with the coordinating card stock. I taped the glow sticks to the back...and wrote a little Halloween note on the back. easy :) 
And I must show off my little Orphan Annie!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring break Hotel Fun

Nonnie rented a hotel room for the night so that the kids could swim in the heated pool and snack and spend the night watching movies etc! They all had a blast!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hot Springs Weekend

My nephew, Cole Jones, had a laser tag/go cart party on Friday night March 15! We had a blast celebrating with him!

On Saturday, we went to the Hot Springs Tower and then to the Horse Races!! Fun but tiring..ESP keeping up with Paige. Haha. We met some friends there and soaked up the sun!! :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Trace and Tennis

Trace has really enjoyed playing on the PG Tennis team his freshman year! This was the first local tournament! I was able to go during my lunch hour...Jamie was able to stay the whole time he was playing he updated me through the day. The last update was the pic of trace and his coach (Katie Whitecotten) showing that Trace had won FIRST PLACE in the constellation??? Division. (I hope I'm spelling that correctly...I have no idea about tennis, nor the scoring or terms...haha)
We are so proud of him!

Here a blog, There a Blog, everywhere a Blog Blog

Heather Thomson started "Texarkana Parent" Magazine not too long ago, and I really enjoy reading it!! Copies can be found around town....or you can take a look online...even on Facebook. Check it out and give it a "Like" ;) My blog was featured on the sideline as a local blog... I don't think my blog even holds a candle to the other ones I've seen and follow...I'm not techno savvy to say the least. But I do enjoy being able to post things that in wouldn't necessarily otherwise scrapbook. I try to keep up with scrapbooks...but I'm behind....really behind. Maybe when I retire I can catch up. ;)

Preschool Campout?!

Yes! We found it necessary to camp out 18 hours to secure Paige's spot In the 2 year old class at Williams Day School for the Fall! .....and we succeeded!! She's IN!
Marci went to this school so we know firsthand how wonderful the teachers and curriculum really are! It is a very sought after program..and we knew it would be necessary to go the extra mile to get her a spot. I camped out for about 4 hours...Jamie is the hero that did the rest(especially the overnight part!)
I can't believe she will start "school" this fall. She will miss LaLa's house! La La has been such a big part of our lives from day one with the care of Paige! But she's growing up on us...toooo quickly!

**Tonja Hays was in on the overnight Campout at Williams also...they took this picture and sent it to me mid-night. Looks like they had the drinks and snacks covered ;)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Marci's Baptism

I hope to upload pics from my real camera to add to this post eventually. However, I know the busy-ness of my life right now and know that might not happen real soon. Fingers crossed...because I have sooo many good pictures of all of her family and friends that came to witness the special event...I think we filled up two whole pews ;). She hand picked everyone that she wanted to attend and just about all of them were able to be there! SHe was so happy to show the world that she had made the biggest decision of her let Jesus into her heart. We couldn't be more proud of our children for making that important choice of salvation!! To know they are secure in a heavenly realm is such an assurance as a parent!

We got Marci this book...and it helps her with a daily quiet far it's going great!! ;) She got a special necklace and bracelet too...I hope that she will never forget her special day!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

School work

Trace entered an art competition at school this year...he received a 3 out of 4 score. We were proud of him!!

Marci is learning time and Jamie was helping with homework...I couldn't help but to snap this picture. It was a pretty intense moment....I'm not quite sure the picture was appreciated. Hahaha

Sweet Valentines

Love is in the air!! Marci made these valentines using stamps and had markers and such. She said it was hard work!! I love the saying.... I'm a sucker for puns ;). She passed them out to all of her classmates.

Lala have Paige a balloon with this basket full of candies...she has ha a blast with this balloon. It's still floating as of today(march 7!!)

Sunday, January 27, 2013


We love to go to Garland City to eat at Doc's seafood restaurant. We Invited Stephen and patti Dumas and Michael and Reaganne To meet us there!! We spent 3 hours there...1 hour Waiting on a table… One hour waiting on our food… And then another hour actually eating and visiting!! We had a blast!

Alli's basketball game

We love to cheer our Alli on as her last year as a Lady Tiger!! I couldn't be more proud of who Alli is!! She is a precious niece and a precious cousin to my kids!! Love her!!

When best friends move...

It's a sad day! The Conways had lived next door for 3 years...of which we spent lots of time together! They recently sold their house and moved out of the neighborhood...this was the last day they were here with us. We will keep in touch and still have play dates!! It was good while it lasted...we will miss them greatly!!

Ps...we have met the new neighbors and anticipate a good relationship with them also. :))


Marci invited Emma Sheets over for a sleepover!! They dressed up and played school and had the best time!!!

Big Girl Bed

We have slowly been trying to transition Paige from the baby bed to big girl bed!! After a few weeks....we are still working on it...but we have had a few very successful nights!! She and Marci share a room and thankfully Marci is such a great big sister and helper!!!

Vertical 2013

Trace, along with 160-something, teenagers participated in the annual "Vertical" weekend sponsored by Streamline Youth Group at Heritage Church. This is the 9th grade group of guys...they had a blast!!!
Ps...Trace is the one in the BLUE shirt...claimed her couldn't find a green shirt in his closet. Ugggg....boys. ;)