Monday, March 26, 2012

The Sitzes' Family

The Sitzes' Family has always meant so much to my family and I. Such a good group of people and over the years have formed a special bond to our family. When I was 14 years old, Dr David and Cathy Sitzes asked me to babysit their 2 boys, Bryan and Evan. At the time, they were ages 4 and 2!! I loved the time that I spent with them...each summer...we had tons of fun...some of my favorite memories!! I will never forget the day that their mom, Cathy, came up to me at church and asked if she could name baby #3 after me!!! Wow!!! Did I feel special!! I just remember telling her that I'd be honored but suggested that she change the spelling, since "Jenee'" always seemed to confuse folks. ;). Alas, Barbara Jenae Sitzes was born. Her mother, Cathy, passed away soon after and our hearts were broken. She was such a good mother and a wonderful Christian lady! I remember how she wrote out my she wrote my name with the E's that looked like backwards 3's...and how she always had Miracle Whip light in the fridge. I know those things are silly but I looked up to fact I still buy Miracle Whip Light to this day and think about her.

David's parents, Dr Lester and Mrs Barbara lived across the it was convenient for us to go visit whenever the kids desired! Dr Lester Sr passed away this weekend, so we went to Hope for the visitation. I got to see "little Jenae"...who is a SR this year and plans to go to University of Houston to major in English. Bryan is running a shoe store in NWA! And Evan is in Japan!!! He wasn't able to make it to Hope bc of distance.

I had Marci snap a pic of "Big Jenee' and Little Jenae", since it's few and far between that we get to see each other. We will always have a special bond!! It was good seeing the whole family but under unfortunate circumstances.

And then, if you will, take a trip down memory lane with me...
Bryan, Evan and Jenae at our wedding!
Bryan and Evan...playing in the leaves!
Jenae...what a precious angel!  And you can see Cathy's picture attached to her bassinet!
And  here she is today...ALL GROWN UP!!! :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Past to Present

You all know I'm slightly sentimental...not too much...but slightly. ;). My mom saved some things of mine that I have passed down to my kids...therefore I saved important things of theirs that they can someday pass down too! Today's featured hand me down is MY Easter dress from age 1 1/2... It was a "Tot N Teen" original. Tot n Teen was a children's boutique in downtown Hope, Arkansas "back in the day". My mom saved it for me...and over the years my dolls have worn the dress and so has Marci(for picture sake only of course) and now Paige. Enjoy our ride down memory lane.

P.s.  I blogged this from my phone/camera...and it would'nt allow me to put them in the order I so decided to do a random order....can someone tell me WHY? Ugg....
MARCI(Look at that expression over that hopping bunny!)
JENEE'...1979...with my mom and brother, Trent

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Paige has been sick all week, with a fever but no other symptoms, until yesterday and a slight rash appeared...nurse thought it may be roseola. She has not been herself. Jamie stayed home with her on Monday, Grandmom stayed with her on Tuesday and Wednesday (thank you thank you) and she went to Ms Laury's on Thursday. She sent me the picture below Mid-day...Paige had fallen asleep in the middle of the floor!! Bless her heart...she was worn out. we got out and went for a stroll to he baseball park! Several of our friends have kids playing on the same t-ball we got to kill multiple birds with one stone!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Equinox

Trace got extra points in science class if he showed proof of an egg standing on end during the equinox!

"Gender Reveal" Party

My friend from hygiene school, Shelbi Joy, is expecting baby #2!  Several months ago, I text  her one morning telling her that I just dreamed she was pregnant!  She text or called later and said that was too funny...because she and her husband, Chris, had really been discussing having a Baby #2! She told me I'd be the first to know, when the dream came a few months later, when she called...the dream had come true...and she was PREGNANT! Yippee!!  The "new" thing these days are "Gender Reveal" parties...where the couple cuts into a cake to discover whether the inside is Pink or Blue to indicate boy or girl! So, everyone gets to find out at the same time...even the mom and dad!  This was my 1st gender reveal party to attend and it was really a lot of fun!!  Shelbi lives in Tyler, which is 2 1/2 hours when I got the invitation, I didn't think it would be practical to go...but Jamie had other thoughts...and surprised me with the idea when I woke up Sunday morning.  So, we threw things into bags and headed that way!  I miss living in's such a fun town!  Jamie and I took a trip down memory lane together, of our times living there.  Passed by the house that we built there...and the church we attended...and the different places we frequented!  
We checked out a new restaurant while we there...CHUY' was delicious!!

Paige wasn't feeling well ;(

It's BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a BOY!!! Jagger Ellis Joy

Big Sister Aniston...not sure if she was crying because "it's a BOY" or if the screams of everyone grabbed her attention more than she was prepared for! :)

This picture cracks me up!  Shelbi is looking at the Ultrasound picture(that was  placed in a sealed envelope by the U/S Tech for verification purposes)...she's a little confused at the anatomy! LOL

Spring Break

Spring is definitely in the air!! Beautiful, warm, sunny blooming...short wearin' rides...oh how I LOVE this season!! ....even through the pollen!  Trace and  Marci got to go to Hope for a couple of days during their break to visit with Pops and Nonnie...Jamie took them to the movies one day to see The Lorax...and they participated in yard work..and spent the night with some they kept very busy!

On Saturday, Paige and I got out in the yard and played with Bubbles...played on the swing set...and played with Scooby!  She discovered the ONE flower that Scooby has NOT dug's comes back each the grace of GOD!

I think this picture is hilarious...she's really NOT beating Scooby...she's just patting him...but the way he is positioned and the exact moment the picture was captured, it looks like he's scared to death of her!! LOL

I'm pretty sure there's not too many things better than baby laughs!! Oh how I cherish EACH one!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Red Lobster

Jamie took us out to eat tonight!!!! Yum yum Red Lobster! ;). Yes trace was there too but he throws his hand in front if the camera every time!!!! Ugh teenagers!! ;)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Play room!

As most if you know...Paige was a wonderful surprise blessing to join our family!!! And when she did, we had to find room in our 3 bedroom house to accommodate we converted our dining room into her "quarters"...complete with a baby bed and all. However, because it was an open room to the rest of the house, it wasn't quiet enough or quite accommodating as we would've hoped for! So...sweet little Paige has become familiar with the ole pack n play...and she shares a corner of Marci's room. She's very content there...and that's all that matters. Because of this, I decided to go ahead and remove the baby bed and turn "her" room into a play room! I had saved Marci's kitchen and doll bed and art center... Out if storage they came and a play room was born! Paige loves it so far! Take a look!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Paige 16 months

Paige started making this funny face about a week is hilarious! It looks like a little old lady with no teeth! :)


DRAMA QUEEN!  I know it's a "Crying" video...but i Just had to capture the drama behind it!  She just started covering her mouth and face when she cries, as to provide a "show"...and big crocodile tears go flowing!  It's too cute!  On this occasion, I just closed the baby gate and she fell to pieces.  Rest assured that as soon as I finished videoing, she was picked up and consoled! I just want to remember the cute little things she does..and had to video it!
Here's that funny face again :)
MONTHLY PICTURE:  16 Month Picture in the Pink Chair...this is as good as it was gonna get, folks! LOL
She's starting to talk more...the little toot lets everyone talk FOR her...and she just POINTS to whatever she wants...therefore she doesn't HAVE to talk!  Up til's been solo "Mama"...but now more words are starting to flow..."uh-oh" "la la" "da da" "bye bye"...Trace and Marci were fast talkers...but with Paige...she's taking it with stride...and relaxing...and babbling along the way ;)  She holds the cell phones up to her ear and acts to talk in her own language! 

We still have an issue with "MILK"....we tried adding whole milk in with her soy milk and it didn't set well with her I guess we will still stick with the fact that she has a milk allergy for now....and try again later...fingers crossed that she will outgrow it!  She still loves all fruits and veggies and meats(esp vienna sausages)...apart from those things, she's pretty sheltered in what she's offered to eat.  We want to keep her as healthy as possible...and if she doesn't know what junk food tastes like...then she doesn't know she's missing anything! 

  I'm always excited as to what new things lie ahead in each new month of  her life!  LOVIN' EACH and EVERY DAY...watching her grow and mature!! EVEN through the temper tantrums! LOL  Blessed....very blessed! :)

Party time!

Paige, Maddie and Mylie at Jump City, Hot Springs, AR.
My nephew and niece, Cole and Faith, both had their bday parties on the same day, since their bdays are so close together!  And since their parents own a party place, where better to have the parties but JUMP CITY!!!!!!!! Woohooo!! Marci and Paige had fun going down the big slide!
Casey Graves spent the night with us and went to Jump City with us!  They had a blast together!  We love cousin time!!

Piggy tails

Paige's first piggy tails!!!!

PGE America the Beautiful

Marci and her 2nd Grade class at Pleasant Grove Elementary performed "America the Beautiful" and did sign language also! Marci is in a red shirt...well...she's the shortest one...that might be the easiest way to identify her ;)  AND YES...that IS Paige screaming in the background because she wasn't getting her way...she is a very busy bee...with a slight little temper forming :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Garage Sale

We only have a garage sale once every 5 years or guess what? every 5 years, our cabinets and closets get cleaned out...and it takes an act of congress to get it accomplished! 
Marci collected money for the Miller McNeil Woodruff Foundation to help fund research for SMA!  She asked each person that came up and we had the opportunity to talk about Miller ALL morning long!! :) if you'd like to support a good cause and learn about sweet Miller's legacy!
Saturday was a cold morning...but Marci REALLY wanted to sell cups of about 11 am...we allowed her to go for it...didn't have many takers...but people would still drop coins into our Miller Jar!  have I mentioned WE are WITH MILLER?!! :)
AFTER....we cleared a lot out...YAY!!!!  I feel accomplished and organized...what a good feeling!!