Friday, August 26, 2011

A Week of Firsts

A week of firsts...
Trace started 8th grade!! This is his last year at the middle school.  UNbelieveable!
Marci started 2nd grade!!...and Piano Lessons!
Paige cut her 1st tooth!

Marci meets her new 2nd grade teacher, Mrs Kelly Buck-Kelley

My Big SECOND grader!  All decked out with her new pink and black zebra backpack and lunchbox!

You know he DID NOT want me to take this picture...but I won!! *insert evil laugh! :)

It dawned on me...this was his LAST FIRST day of middle school! ;(

Ms Robin Curtis is Marci's piano teacher.  This was her 1st lesson.  I was sad that I had to miss out on this occasion...but Nonnie took pics for me!  She came in saying, "I LOVE LOVE LOVE piano lessons." and went straight to the keyboard to start practicing!

This is how Ms Robin taught her to hold her hands....

Paige had a great week too!  She was passed around from Daddy to Ms Alecia to Nonnie to Ms Karrie, since our babysitter is out for 6 weeks.  One one wanted to give her back to me...they all wanted to keep her! Ms Alecia took her to the barn to see the horses...and she helped clean the barn by sitting in her stroller and supervising!  Ms. Karrie and Trenton took such good care of her...she text me mid-afternoon saying there was no reason to come pick her up...they were just going to keep her :)  I'm so glad she's loved so much when I'm  unable to be there!   I'm so thankful for great friends that come to the rescue!  Paige had her 9 month check up last week. She weighs 17 lb and 15 oz(30th %), 27" (28th%) and Head circumference was 17 1/2"(62%).  She had to have blook drawn to check hemoglobin levels...I guess they did this with the other 2 kiddos...but it's so horrible I blocked it from my memory...which is what I'm trying to do after they stuck's so pitiful! :(  She's walking behind toys...even toys that aren't mobile...she MAKES them mobile by pushing them around the room.  She also cut her 1st tooth today @ 9 1/2 mos old...well we actually NOTICED it today...not sure when it actually CAME in...she's not been fussy or drooling...I wasn't expecting a tooth, since Marci was over a year old before she cut her 1st tooth....but Daddy noticed it this morning while I was at work and texted me the news! Don't you just love that big smile?!  I eat up moments like this...they are good til the last drop! :)

So "Booty-ful" :)

After Marci's 7th Birthday Party, Paige was wiped out!  She had been asleep quite some time, and when I went in to check on her, evidentally her diaper had come loose...and that little tiny booty was just popped up.  Couldn't resist taking a photo of that!! She's so "booty-ful" in every way! :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Marci's Cooking Party

Marci loves to cook...always wanting to help in the kitchen.  So, when we decided that we'd do a cooking party, I thought "but where?"  My house couldn't accomodate all the kids in the kitchen...nor my oven for all the baking.  I had  heard about "Papa Murphy's Take n Bake" pizza place doing parties, so I checked into it. 
Because Papa Murphy's is a "take n bake" place, they didn't have tables and chairs and the regular set up for a normal party, so we had to provide all of that. (Courtesy of HBC-thanks for letting us borrow tables and chairs)!
My Mother-in-Law made aprons for all the guests and they were fabulous...such a hit!!
My mom bought chef hats for all the gang and I puff-painted the guests' names on them!  She also made the birthday banner that you'll see in the pics!
Amy Lauterbach, a great friend of mine, made the "pizza" cake from a link that I had found online and it truely looked like a pizza!
Marci and I made personalized "place setting cards" for each guest.
Papa Murphy's Staff:  They said they'd never had such a big party before...I think we wore them out! 

Set up:  We had 30 mins to set up in the lobby before the party I was a mad-woman who had aLOT of help to get it accomplished!  My nieces and nephews, my mom and dad, Jamie and Trace and Marci all helped get it all together before the guests started arriving!
Pizza Time:  The employees of Papa Murphy's took the kids in the back and let them roll the dough out and then led them through the process of doctoring their pizzas with the various toppings!
Cookie Time:  While the pizzas were baking, the kids went over to do another recipe:  Eskimo Cookies  They got to follow the recipe and measure the ingredients and stir them...roll them into powdered sugar...and place them into their own little "to-go" boxes that Marci had ready for them.  These were "no bake" cookies, so the guests could take them home and eat them immediately! ;)
Just as they were finishing their Eskimo Cookies, the pizzas started coming out of the they go to eat their pizzas.  YUMMY! 
Present Time:  The kids all got a fruit kabob and sat and watched Marci open her gifts :)
Cake Time:  Sing and Eat...
The End ;)  Quick but wonderful party!! 
Thanks to all my HBC Small Group for  helping with all the stations...That's what friends are baking and cooking...I'll be on your side forevermore...That's what friends are for ;)

Marci turns 7 and Paige turns 9 mos...

August 12, 2011 was an exciting day for us!! Marci is already 7 years old?!'s truely hard for me to believe that SEVEN years has passed by!!  Marci has been wanting to take piano lessons, since she no longer wanted to take gymnastics...but we were missing ONE tiny detail...a PIANO.  You must have a piano in order to practice.  So, we thought a keyboard might just be the right fit for now, since it would take up less space.  She was so surprised!!

Paige my my...NINE months already?!  I'm already starting to plan her 1st bday doesn't even seem right!  She is doing great...babbling...eating...sleeping...pooping...all in a day's work for a baby!  She's starting to stand on her own a little bit...she's letting go more and more...she'll be walking before we know it...if I had MY way, she'd be waiting til she turns one! ;)