Sunday, July 15, 2012

20 months

Paige turned 20 months old the day we left for Dallas...and so I didn't get a "real" picture :(  but...i did get one...I guess it's better than nothing :)

She loves to watch TV in the car...she calls it "Teh-Beh"...and says "Dora" and "Choo Choo" when her favorite movie comes on!  She travels well...oh, how a year can change things...last year...we PRAYED for an easy ride...this year, we just expected it ;)

She loves to's seriously her favorite past-time! ;)

She loves her baby and blankie!

She loves to talk and laugh...and everytime music or a beat comes on...she dances immediately!

She is a breath of fresh air! ;)

Hotel Fun

...and when we weren't out keeping the streets of Dallas hot...we were in our cute little suite (Marriott Towne Home Suites, Plano)...Corey recommended this hotel and we were all so glad she did!  It had 2 rooms and a living room and a kitchen! :)

Playing Cards!

Snuggling with Grandmom!

Texas-shaped waffles in the complimentary breakfast ;)


Even McKenna got her morning workout! ;)

...and who could resist riding on the luggage cart?

We all had a great time!! YAY for vacations!!!

Joe's Crab Shack

Paige refuses to eat these days UNTIL she has a fork or a spoon…she does very well with it!  She also calls every snack food a “cookie”…this is odd because we have never given her a “cookie”…in fact, even animal cookies, we call “animal crackers”…but everyone knows what she wants…so she gets it !

Dallas World Aquarium

Paige was a little frightened by some of the animals...
Marci patiently waits for the toucan to eat the berry....
...and it came and ate it right out of her hand!

        's A SLOTH...right out in the middle of the aquarium!

Taste of Dallas

Taste of Dallas was a real neat venue of many local restaurants, offering samples of food for sample $3 for a sample plate of Indian we could sample several things!  They had areas for the kids to play in...and prize drawings! the water wasn't coming out of the statues groin area...but it sure did look like it when you were at a certain angle! haha

Trace went zip-lining!

and Marci got to get in a bubble and roll around like a hamster inside a ball! 

Ice Skating/Stonebriar Mall

We finished up with the gang at KKITM and headed for the mall!!  We went ice-skating...and shopped a little...and went to Dave and Busters to eat and play! 

i love alli's expression in this picture...she was like "what do i do?"

...we fall down...

...and get back up....

Alli ventured out into the center...

and Jamie now gives Alli the same look that she originally gave... like "how do you do this?"  I don't think Jamie was ever brave enough to venture out in the middle ;)

YES...You're reading correctly...that IS a Nestle Toll House Cookie Company! YUM!

Paige tuckered out!  She has to have her blankie and baby with her...they're her 2 favorite things!
She is saying  just about anything she wants to say these days...but her new word on this trip was:


and she would scream it through stores...and it was hilarious!  Even after hearing it 101 times! hehe

The APPLE store...such an amazing company!

Eat...and Play