Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Can I keep her this size forever?!!! Oh the love I have for this child is so grand that I can hardly contain myself at times!!! Even if she does tear pages out of my Bible...throw things in the toilet...and scream at diaper changes, I love this age and wish I could bottle it up!!! That's why videos are so important...and that's why I love my new phone!!! This video was actually captured going down the road...and because it is so technologically convenient, I didn't have to take my eyes off the road at all! Mama is her new favorite word and she will sound like a broken record saying it over and over!! She had said mama about 20 times before I started videoing...and then you know how it goes, it dies down once you get the camera out...but cute nonetheless!!

These are some of Marci's pretend glasses that she put on Paige this evening...and then she snapped a picture of her...and it's too cute not to share!!!!
This is one mama that loves her kiddos!!!!! :)

High school schedule! Yikes!

Trace will be entering ninth grade next year! He will be a highschooler… It is and it is unbelievable to me! We attended a high school orientation meeting last week… But unfortunately I was unable to pay attention because I was chasing Paige all around the high school auditorium. We were sent home to figure out a four-year high school plan to be submitted by today!! So last night… Trace and I sat down to compile all of the information that was given to us to make a four year plan :-(… Talk about a big headache LOL. After a lot of scribble scratch… Here is what we came up with!

Piano lessons

Ms Pam is Marci's new piano teacher!! I got to sit in on one of her lessons today! Ms Pam was really impressed with Marci's progress!! :)

Lumberjack Jamie

We had some trees cut down a couple mos ago...and the guys left all the lumber for us to use as firewood! Jamie has worked like a slave splitting huge logs for several weekends! He's finally just about done, so I had to share his progress!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sharing ;)

Sharing: You may remember these photos from Christmas...I posted them on Facebook... From day 1 our dog, Zack, has tried I take over Paige's little pink chair. It is so funny to constantly watch them fight over the chair. So tonight as Zack finally gives up the fight and goes over to his dog bed, paige follows right behind him and takes over his dog bed!! Hehehe.

Sharing: We've also "shared" what has been confirmed as Hand, Mouth, and Foot disease to our friend, Beau :(. Here is a pic of one of the blisters that showed up on Paige's foot...just FYI.

Sharing: This is our new favorite cereal that we shared for one day and it was gone. It is delicious!!!

Sharing: I didn't take a picture to document this occasion of sharing...but it touched my heart so I must share: this African American man has been spotted at different locations in texarkana, holding a handmade sign that reads "Jesus never Fails" and something similar on the flip side of the sign. Tonight it was raining and he still stood strong with his sign. As I pulled up at the red light beside the corner of which he was standing, it gave me the opportunity to roll my window down to show my appreciation to his dedication and obvious faith. I simply told him that I appreciated his witness ad he replied with a " thanks...God bless you". As I pulled away I was convicted that I need to do more to share my faith!!

Sharing: my heart was so touched last night and then again today when I learned of this story so I must share it also. I came to know the Alamond family through another friend in 2011! So thankful to know them! Their 7 year old daughter has requested to serve cupcakes to the homeless of our town for her birthday. And instead of bringing gifts to the bday girl she has requested that her guests bring blankets etc for the homeless. This little girl has a big heart!!! I can't wait to be a part of his occasion in Feb!!

Sharing: Marci wore her church shirt to school last week. I wondered why she wanted to wear it(since it's usually her Sunday attire) but she was quick to tell me that she wanted to share her Sunday school lesson( self control) with her friends. Well...she was actually able to share it with her whole class! Her teacher allowed her to "preach" to the class for a minute or so about self control. I was proud of her for taking he stand ;)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Marci's 1st Eye Exam

Marci had been complaining of her eyes being blurry...or hurting for the past week.  Her teacher even sent me a text saying that she had complained to her about it also.  So, I made her an eye appt for Friday with Dr. Elvin Fenton at Texarkana Eye Associates.  Dr. Fenton and his wife Mindy are good friends of ours...we were in the same "Prepared Childbirth" class when I was pregnant with Trace and Mindy was pregnant with their son, Bailey.  Trace and Bailey go to school together and it's neat to know that we've known them since they were both babies! ;)  Anyway...back to Marci....she did really well at her appointment.  They had to dilate her eyes, which is never any fun...but she was a trooper!  Dr Fenton said that she is slightly near-sighted...but not enough to really justify glasses at this point.  He even said she might outgrow it....FINGERS CROSSED!  I had to document the occassion with pictures, of course...

...and Marci had to get behind the camera...so this is ME...waiting, along with her, for the dilation process! :)

...and Paige.  She ran fever 102 on Thursday with no other symptoms...she was fine on Friday...but Saturday came down with this rash...I believe it to be "Fifth Disease"...but the rash on her hiney became very inflamed and raised...so we took her in to see the doctor...and he said it could be staph...and if it wasn't yet...it could turn that way quickly...so we are on antibiotic.  It seems like in the past month, we've made up for a whole year of wellness by being sick all at one time with her.  Poor baby!!!
The dog is finally finished with his  antibiotic dose...I just finished an antibiotic dose for sinus infection...and now here I go again...whew!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Big helper!

Trace and Marci are both so good with Paige...I seriously could not ask for better helpers!! I snapped this pic tonight, as Marci is playing on the computer and Paige is right beside her, being soo still and getting sleepy!

Paige and Puppies....

You may remember seeing this video on facebook from several months ago...

Well...check out this new video, taken today!  She's come a long way with puppies!!


Trace participated in our church youth group's "Vertical Weekend"... Vertical meaning the direction between God and us!! They got to stay in host homes and worship together! They were taught to be Radical in their everyday walk... To let Christ shine through in their lives, so that everyone can see a difference in them! On Sunday the youth and the youth interns led our entire worship service... It was incredible to see how God has blessed these kids with the spiritual gifts and ability to shine in front of 1000+ people in our 3 services! A huge thanks goes out to David and Meredith Farren, the interns, college mentors, and the host homes! And all the small groups who fed our kids!

Paige 14 months

Our brown-eyed, red-head is 14 months!!  She is full of personality!  As you can tell in the background of the last picture, we are at the stage of baby-gates…cabinet latches…and outlet covers.  When she’s told NO, she pouts by sticking that lower lip out(I have to admit that it’s kinda cute).  She loves her blanket and will search for it when we say “Where’s Blankey?”!  She’s still a good eater…will eat anything you put in front of her. Her favorite is the Gerber Graduates Pasta Pick-Ups! Smile 
We have turned her carseat around forward-facing in the last couple of weeks. I’m adamant on the carseat rules…anything to keep my precious cargo safe!!  She likes being able to watch tv now! Smile

Paige’s 1st Haircut

Jamie has always been very adamant on when the kids get their 1st haircuts!  In his mind, it had to be after they turned ONE…not a day before.  With Trace and Marci, both, their hair was shaggy and desperately needed attention before age 1…but I held out til their 1st bday…literally…the day of…and it was cut.  With Paige…is was a little different….I dreaded the day that those curls would have to be cut!  However, it got to the point that is was hanging into her eyes…so last minute…we asked our friend, Trish Mitchell, if she could go the good deed for us…Paige’s 1st haircut!  She was off on that particular day, but offered to come in…just for us!  What a true friend!
(being still….nothing like a little Cheerios to do the trick)
I was handing her a cheerio…and she bent over to eat it out of my hand vs. getting it herself.  Worked perfect for Trish b/c Paige didn’t quite get the “look down” notion…
AFTER…Thank you Ms Trish!!!!! Smile

Welcome to JUMP CITY!!

Who likes to have fun?! Who likes to party?! Who likes to Jump?!....I do...I do....and that's the reason I love Jump City!  My brother, Trent Jones, and his wife, Kyleigh, recently opened an inflatable-jumphouse-party place in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  There is no one that deserves a successful venture more than them.  They are hard-workers, raising 6 kids...plus a dog! ;)  I wish them the very best in this new chapter of their lives!!!  So....if you're in Hot Springs...look them up and go for a visit!! 
We got to visit Jump City recently for Mylie and Maddie's 2nd Birthday!!(These are Trent and Kyleigh's twin girls)...They love Elmo...and thus...Elmo theme!  Did I have fun....did I party....did I jump... you might ask?  Why YES...YES I did...and it was a blast!! I even BEAT Trace on the obstacle course inflatable....I did grab a hold of his foot and hold him back for a couple of seconds...but I still won! :)

My mom made this!!!

...and this banner...and the pom poms...she's quite crafty!!

Didn't it look so festive!!!!!

They were the queens for the day! :)