Sunday, January 27, 2013


We love to go to Garland City to eat at Doc's seafood restaurant. We Invited Stephen and patti Dumas and Michael and Reaganne To meet us there!! We spent 3 hours there...1 hour Waiting on a table… One hour waiting on our food… And then another hour actually eating and visiting!! We had a blast!

Alli's basketball game

We love to cheer our Alli on as her last year as a Lady Tiger!! I couldn't be more proud of who Alli is!! She is a precious niece and a precious cousin to my kids!! Love her!!

When best friends move...

It's a sad day! The Conways had lived next door for 3 years...of which we spent lots of time together! They recently sold their house and moved out of the neighborhood...this was the last day they were here with us. We will keep in touch and still have play dates!! It was good while it lasted...we will miss them greatly!!

Ps...we have met the new neighbors and anticipate a good relationship with them also. :))


Marci invited Emma Sheets over for a sleepover!! They dressed up and played school and had the best time!!!

Big Girl Bed

We have slowly been trying to transition Paige from the baby bed to big girl bed!! After a few weeks....we are still working on it...but we have had a few very successful nights!! She and Marci share a room and thankfully Marci is such a great big sister and helper!!!

Vertical 2013

Trace, along with 160-something, teenagers participated in the annual "Vertical" weekend sponsored by Streamline Youth Group at Heritage Church. This is the 9th grade group of guys...they had a blast!!!
Ps...Trace is the one in the BLUE shirt...claimed her couldn't find a green shirt in his closet. Ugggg....boys. ;)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Years Eve 2012

Got together with a few good friends...played games...danced and listened to music!!! With a few fireworks to finish the evening after the NY Times Square ball drop! :))) fun times!


Pneumonia struck our house this week and took Paige as its' victim. Sweet little precious has been through 2 different antibiotics and breathing treatments and Tylenol and Motrin and cough medicine... X-rays..and a steroid shot... And lots of snuggles from family.... and she feels better now :). We are attempting to convert her to a big girl bed and thought this would be the prime opportunity since she was so sick we needed to keep a right watch on her. It's not going so's like she gets frustrated that she doesn't have her own space and starts kicking heads or backs or whatever is in her way. 😯
She grows smarter everyday... She recognizes her shapes and when I introduced the ❤ shape to her yesterday she replied "doctor"... I put two and two together when I saw that her dr kit has a heart on the stethoscope!
She knows that grandmom drinks Mt Dew and identifies that green bottle with her.
Nonnie overheard her counting to eight yesterday! All of this with pneumonia. Lol. We love our sweet baby girl and are so glad she's on the mend ;)