Monday, December 31, 2012

Firework show 2012

Since dec 31 brought rain, the firework show was moved up to dec 30 at the Copper Ridge Subdivision! The Lauterbach's are always so nice to think to invite us ;)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Marci's Class party

Last day of school before Christmas break means ....PARTY!!! Paige and I got to go for the celebration of sweets and games and goodie bags! ;). Paige and Tindyl were big buddies as they crashed their siblings' party ;) Marci really likes Mrs. Lang and 3rd grade ...but I think a break will do a body good.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tis the season of BUSY-ness

       ...and The festivities begin on  Nov 30 at the office Christmas Party!  Dr Haynes and Mary Catherine opened their home and had all of us and our spouses over for a little Christmas fun!  I love these girls...and so blessed to work with each of them!! :)

Dec 1 Warren Hoover's annual Christmas Party!  Joan Hoover pulls out all the stops to create a wonderful event for our kiddos...complete with a visit from Santa!  Allie and Marci are such good makes Judy and I happy that they get to have such a close relationship, just like we have! :)

Dec 2...the Texarkana Christmas Parade.  Trace participated in the church float, so we went to hang out ...and met us with Daniel and Karrie Morse and their kids, Trenton and Madilyn! ;)  Paige's first parade and she was even had REAL camels...just like in our nativity scene!

Dec 7...Trace passed  his driving portion of his permit!!!
My coworker, Margie, got married on 12-12-12, so we took her out to Zapata's to celebrate!

                                      Margie and her beautiful daughters joined us! :)

                              Allyson, Tricia and Rhonda

Elaine and myself ;)

                                 After Zapata's we walked over to Hopkin's IceHouse...

Dec 8...I had the privilege of pulling Blair's first tooth!  Blair and her family are close friends and neighbors of ours...she begged me to take it out...and was a big tears at all ;)

Blair helped Marci follow the recipe of our annual Cinnamon Playdough and they created the best yet!  Cinnamon Playdough is only made and played with in the month of Decemeber...then it's tossed away!  The smell brings back such great Christmas memories.  I've done this with all the kids since Trace was little!
Paige has played with this play dough for hours at a time! 

                           Dec 8 PM  Heritage Small Group Christmas Party!
We played the most funnnnn game of Dirty Santa ever! There was a lot of stealing going on! LOL



                                         Dec 12...Mall visit with Santa!  Paige was fine just visiting with Santa...even blew him a kiss or two :)  BUT she was NOT happy about being in his lap! haha

Dec 14...Trace said that he wanted a "room remodel" for Christmas.  We've lived in this house for almost 10 years...and this mural was painted on his wall when he was around was time for an update...since he IS 15 with a learner's permit...haha

                                                          AFTER the paint... 
                            (we still have more to do...but Christmas isn't over YET! :)

                                               Dec 15...Clayton Family Christmas!  (more pics of this to come...)

Dec nieces, Maddie and Mylie turned THREE with a Candy Land Party at Jump City in Hot Springs! Can't believe they are THREE already!! :)
This is only half of the month...WHEW!! ;)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

2 year stats

Paige had her 2 year checkup Nov 30, 2012...she weighed 29 lbs (76%) and 33 1/4"(30%) and 19"(69%). Dr Wright quizzed me on her intake of food and drink. He was confirming that she wasnt eating too much ...or inappropriate foods which would (I assume) add unnecessary weight to her body. She eats very well to say the least...but no desserts and no sodas/koolaid or candy...and has healthy snacks and water ... Sooo, he said "the take away is...she's not fat, she's just short! And she doesn't have tall genes on her side." Haha. I guess we just don't want her to grow too much horizontally before she grows vertically. Lol

Paige talks a lot and can say just about anything...mimics a lot! Haha. She knows all of her colors and most shapes and all the basic animals! She likes to count and loves the cash register in this picture...keeps her busy!! She loves puzzles and is quite good at them ;) She can, of course, work the iPhone or iPad better than me. ;))). Her favorite thing right now is the Little People Nativity Scene. I started asking her "who was born on Christmas?" A few weeks back and she always answers "deesus" ;) and loves to kiss the baby Jesus and feed the animals the hay. She loves to play with her babies and nurture them. She loves Dora and bubble guppies and Mickey Mouse!
She is not in the very least interested in potty training, which is just fine with this momma. She is still in her baby bed...which she and I both are comfortable with...and dr wright said it was ok too...sooo maybe by kindergarten she'll be in a big girl bed and potty trained ;) but for now...she's still my baby!!

The manners on this child are incredible to me...only because I don't feel like I've taught them to her...she has just picked them up on her own. Each time we sneeze or cough, she quickly responds with a "bless you, momma" and always a please and thank you, followed by your name. Precious!!
She loves to give "smack" aka kisses.
Her laugh is so contagious!!
She likes to scare you..."boo-ah".

We love our sweet girl so much and Trace and Marci are so good with her...I couldn't be more blessed!

Ps...I'm so glad I have this blog so that I can keep up with these memories. Otherwise, I'd forget. I'm always so afraid that these kind of posts will come across as braggadocious...not my intention at all...just an attempt to keep up with sweet moments ;)

Christmas on Front Street (Serving the Homeless)

Heritage Church, Texarkana started months ago preparing for this event. We gathered coats, shoes, hygiene packs, blankets, and toys, along with food....we closed the doors of the "church" last Sunday and we became the "church" downtown. "Love out loud"..."Jesus with Skin on"..."be the church" were a few phrases that were used throughout this process! It was amazing how many homeless adults and children we have in our community. We served well over 500 needy folks!! They were grateful!! My children, along with my mom and niece and nephew participated along with Jamie and I. It was an eye opener for all of us to be content and grateful for the things we have!

Christmas shopping with my BFF

Crystal Powell Anderson has been my first cousin since birth ...and my best friend since as long as I can remember!!! We rarely get to "get out" bc life keeps us so this was a super super big great for both of us! We got shopping done...and a pedicure ;) loved every minute!!

Warm and cozy

I love winter time!!! And hot cocoa and cider and s'mores!!!

Random November shots

Paige loves to model Nonnie's creations!! We love that she sews!! :) She models the turkey outfit!! So cute!! And she models the patchwork dress....she is also wearing Trace's first pair of cowboy boots that I had saved!!! How special!! :)))

Paige loves to be the center of attention and likes to be in control(ESP when it
comes to food!!! You can see that she was certainly the boss when it came to the popcorn when Blair spent the night! Haha

On Thanksgiving we were able to see quite a bit of our family on the Clayton and Jones side. I failed to get the pictures I desired....just too busy. But I did manage to get a picture of the girls with Jamie's Uncle Jim from Alabama!! ;)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

30 Hr Famine

Trace and several others of our Streamline youth group raised money for world hunger by participating in the 30 hr famine. 30 hrs of no food, no computers, no cell phones....just worship and focus on God! I'm so proud of them!
They even slept in cardboard boxes. And stood in public with cardboards signs to increase awareness to passers by!