Saturday, March 9, 2013

Preschool Campout?!

Yes! We found it necessary to camp out 18 hours to secure Paige's spot In the 2 year old class at Williams Day School for the Fall! .....and we succeeded!! She's IN!
Marci went to this school so we know firsthand how wonderful the teachers and curriculum really are! It is a very sought after program..and we knew it would be necessary to go the extra mile to get her a spot. I camped out for about 4 hours...Jamie is the hero that did the rest(especially the overnight part!)
I can't believe she will start "school" this fall. She will miss LaLa's house! La La has been such a big part of our lives from day one with the care of Paige! But she's growing up on us...toooo quickly!

**Tonja Hays was in on the overnight Campout at Williams also...they took this picture and sent it to me mid-night. Looks like they had the drinks and snacks covered ;)

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